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About Miranda

Miranda Milke is an Orange County-based marketing and content professional, with over a decade of experience helping brands grow. Whether it’s communication, design, email campaign management, or developing a social media presence – she has the tools and skills needed to bring your brand into the modern age.

What started with a simple HTML class in the 7th grade, eventually blossomed into a well-rounded and accomplished career in marketing, communication, and design. Miranda has developed collateral for dozens of brands, managed the global marketing efforts of an international insurance company, and most recently led an extensive web and product development project that increased sales over 300% from the previous year.

Now, Miranda is pursuing her dream of helping companies grow through thoughtfully developed content and design for the modern age. Whether you are looking to create educational blog content for your customers, beautiful collateral for your next conference, or develop a consistent and engaging social media presence for your brand – Miranda can help identify your needs and make them a reality.